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Highland Single Malt

12 Year Old Highland Single Malt

Our most popular whisky, the 12 Year Old Deerstalker Highland Single Malt takes its malt from a distillery located in a beautiful part of Speyside named the Haughs of Cromdale, site of a Jacobite  battle in 1690, and of numerous illicit whisky stills prior to the era of licensing. It is a medium bodied, well rounded malt with with notes of fruit, spice and soft peat.

We occasionally bottle the malt  from sherry casks.

Most bottlings are of 3-4 casks so are small batch bottlings. The presentation features a modern day stalker looking across a glen with a spyglass and a crook by his side.

He is wearing as you would expect a  ‘deerstalker’ hat.  

12 year old single malt whisky bottle and carton.